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Watch TV shows live from home

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4000 Online TV shows from your PC.
No need of of a television tuner or decoder. Pure picture - no monthly payment needed.

Watch TV shows live from home. All you need is
our IP television software,
your computer, and Internet connection.

Finding the web-sites that offer internet TV is just as simple.
Just enter "live TV"
into search engine and you will see hundreds of results to pick from. Most Internet television streaming
webpages even show channels from around the world
so stations from other countries like USA,
for example, can be watched right from your laptop. The convenience and simplicity, not to mention huge number of
options that live TV has to offer,
it's no wonder lot of people are turning to it over regular television.

It is amazing the many things we can do with the world wide web on computer.
However Web TV is a significantly innovative technology,
it is catching on so quickly that it may soon displace regular TV
like the iPhone is replacing home telephone.

One of the most convenient things about live internet television is that since you are watching it on your
PC when a commercial comes around instead of having to sit through it you can just surf the web, which gets rid of the pain of commercials.


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